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We have had a very beautiful day in our babies one room today. The children enjoyed dancing to some music, Oskar really loved “Baby Shark” and “Wheels on the Bus”. He was dancing and bobby his head and laughing a lot. Shayaan really loved the balls that are filled with water and animals. He kept finding them all day and would look at them and roll the around the room. Bentley loved watching the bubbles. He was so engaged watching them float above him and pop on his hands. He got upset when Miss T’arn stopped blowing them. He also loved doing “row row your boat” with Miss T’arn and was giggly so much!!

The children loved exploring the room independently and loved having their teachers close by and playing on the floor with them.

We had a a beautiful Friday together!! We hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

Please don’t forget to bring in a family photo for our family tree!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥