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Hello beautiful families and welcome to our wonderful Friday in the Babies 1 room with Miss Jess♥

This Morning our lovely friends Daris, Edward and Peyton started out in Babies 3 with their other friends until  Miss Jess arrived and we all came into Babies 1 room to start our journey of this fabulous Friday. We started with some scrumptious morning tea to fill our bellies before exploring throughout our room. Soon after our bellies were satisfied our friends were eager to adventure around the room.

Daris was happily exploring the different textured and shaped balls alongside his friend Peyton, they both also found the sensory bottles to be a lot of fun. Edward showed a lot of interest in the circle stacking tower with the help of Miss Jess to show how to stack the rings on before Edward attempted at doing it himself and he did a great job and showed great problem solving skills. Daris was also showing his friends and Miss Jess how strong he is at standing while holding onto the play table!

Before Lunch Miss Jess thought it would be a lot of fun to let the children paint an amazing picture using their hands and fingers to make their wonderful art piece! All friends absolutely enjoyed this and LOVED the feeling of the cold, wet and runny texture of the paint. Their similes showed how much enjoyment they were having♥

Throughout the day Miss Jess was playing hide and seek with her friends as well as peek a boo!! They responded so well with a gorgeous smile and lots of giggles♥

This afternoon depending on the weather we may go outside after afternoon tea but if it does rain, not to worry at all as the fun wont stop inside.

It has truly been a lovely day and I am grateful to have spent the day with your loving cherubs♥

Thank You Babies 1,

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Miss Jess♥