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Happy Friday one and all from the bouncing Babies 1 Room of Riversdale Early Learning Centre! We welcomed 6 friends today alongside Miss Kate and Miss Jess including – Orion, Edward, Alexia, Jesse, Abel and Isabella! 😊 What a wonderful turn out and fun last night was for our Halloween Party and thank you for coming! The children and families loved exploring the disco, face painting, jumping castle, food and drinks, reptiles show, pumpkin patch with lots of fun sensory activities to explore! Edward explored conversational reading alongside Miss Jess with some of new books this morning. 😊 Our home area and dolls were enjoyed by Alexia, Abel, Orion and Isabella with big smiles as they checked out the learning environments confidently and happily. Our new trainset and fair trade animals were popular with Abel and Alexia. 😊 Orion and Isabella responded well to spontaneous singing and music throughout the day, and Jesse loved the musical ball this morning! 😊

Such a wonderful day had by all, so thank you Babies 1 and we wish you a wonderful weekend with your loved ones! Miss Kate and Miss Jess 😊 xx 😊