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Hello and welcome to our HAPPY FRIDAY in the Babies room 1!
Today Miss Jess and Miss Tania welcomed 5 beautiful friends! Willow, Edward, Ruby, Abel and Isabella 😊
What a wonderful day we have had today! so many laughs and smiles were shared with one another throughout the day 😊
Let’s begin writing what went on this sunny day.
To start to the morning off we headed outside with Miss Tania for a morning of fresh air and fun play. Edward, Willow, Ruby, Isabella and Abel all enjoyed outside time with their friends. They went from adventuring in the sandpit to exploring the steppingstone puzzles that were fun to feel and play with. Willow enjoyed playing on the dinosaur while Ruby had lots of fun singing songs with Miss Tania.
Soon after our fun outside we came inside into the cool. Throughout the day all friends explored the room and self-selected toys to play with of their interest. Willow, Isabella and Edward liked the musical instruments while Abel had fun with the textured balls. Ruby showed interest in playing with the laminated farm animals 😊 Spontaneous Christmas singing was sung and played throughout the day and all children responded well – 5 days until CHRISTMAS EEEEK!!
This afternoon while our younger friends were fast asleep our older friends – Willow, Abel and Isabella participated in MESSY PLAY which was GOOP!! Willow and Isabella had a great time while Abel wasn’t too sure on the feel of it but was happy to watch in amazement.
What a great day we have all had and once again – Thankyou Babies 1 for the amazing day!
Have the most amazing weekend and if we don’t see you before our centre closes, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx
Miss Jess and Miss Tania xxx