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Happy Friday one and all from us in the Babies 1 Room here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre! Miss Kate and Miss Shanaya were excited to spend the day with your wonderful children and we can’t wait to share with you what we have been up to today! 😊 We have certainly had an action-packed week when it comes to exploring our creative side with all the displays and artwork we have been participating in –
• ANZAC DAY Displays in the room and one just outside the door too with our Australian Flag to fly with pride and respect – Edward, Scarlett and Peyton loved participating.
• MOTHER’S DAY Crafts which we are keeping a surprise for our Mummy’s as it quickly comes around.
• EARTH DAY handprints display on our beautiful new easel.
The children learn many skills when being exposed a wide variety of creative experiences such as concentration and coordination spans, fine motor development, cause and effect, curiosity, imagination, pre literacy and independence skills. These are all beneficial for readiness for the children as they grow older and learning begins at birth believe it or not, with 80% of the child’s brain being developed by the age of 3! 😊
Outside play was made the most with these beautiful Autumn warm days with Miller, Bella and Alfie hanging at the door to get out there as soon as possible. The children enjoyed exploring the sandpit with digger trucks, buckets and spades, rocking dinosaurs, dolls, rattles and the cars on the road mat. 😊 We respect the child’s agency which respect their choices to self-select toys and explore learning environments that we set out for them here in the Babies 1 Room. The trainset has shown to be a popular area and our home area too is certainly the place to be seen exploring our play oven. We were lucky to have our friend Jackson join us from the Babies 2 for the day today who fitted in perfectly. 😊
Today Miss Bea came to teach us ZUMBA for the educators and children to have a giggle whilst doing a workout! We all thought this great with lots of smiles! 😊

I apologise for not many photos today due to our camera battery not charging!

Thanks for a wonderful day to all our little friends and we wish you all a safe and happy weekend.


Miss Kate and Miss Shanaya. 😊 😊