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Hello to all families and friends, welcome to the fan- fairy -tastic Friday in the Babies room 1! 😊
This morning Miss Jess welcomes 5 fabulous friends, Edward, Abel, Alexia, Willow and Jesse! Alexia spent today in the Toddlers room 2! Having a wonderful time with her older friends😊
To start the morning off Miss Jess sat down at the train track mat with her friends and made a big train track with the help of Willow passing her different pieces. Abel, Alexia and Willow were very interested in the trains this morning! Great teamwork was displayed 😊
Edward is getting a lot stronger and confident with his sitting up skills as he absolutely loves showing off to Miss Jess with how well he can sit up unassisted! He has also been getting around a lot more which is so great! He enjoyed exploring many different and fun things throughout the room today!
Jesse had so much fun in the café area! He liked cling and clanging the pots together as well as playing with the baby dolls! (too sweet) 😊
Our new books that we got yesterday was a great hit again today with all our friends! They all enjoyed Miss Jess reading to them throughout the day!
This afternoon Abel, Edward, Jesse and Willow participated in art!!! Wooohooo messyyy play with paint! For todays art it was more Halloween fun! Miss Jess printed out templates of pumpkins so our friends could paint them orange and sticking on different coloured paper that was different shapes from yellow rectangles to orange triangles, green squares and red worms. All friends LOVED it!!!!! Exploring the texture of the cold paint as well as enhancing their fine motor skills by holding the paintbrush! 😊
What a fun filled today has been!
A friendly reminder that it is GRANDPARENTS day on MONDAY the 28TH of October! From 2:30pm in your Grandchild’s room, activities will be set up to have some fun with your Grandchild! Scrumptious afternoon tea is provided too 😊
Thankyou Babies 1 for today! Have a lovely weekend 😊
See you all next week!
Miss Jess and Miss Kate xxx