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We have had such a beautiful Friday!! It is such a beautiful day to be outside. We enjoyed playing outdoors, exploring the yard and especially loved the water play!!! Shayaan, Indiana and Jordan enjoyed splashing, laughing and kicking their legs in the water today while their other friends were having their nap. They had so much fun! Shayaan was screaming in excitement when Miss T’arn would splash him with the water!

After lunch Franka enjoyed doing her Easter egg painting before going outside to do some water play with Oskar and Bentley while their friends were napping. They had so much fun playing in the water, splashing. Bentley was laughing and kicking his legs in the water. It has been a beautiful day to spend outside and enjoy the warm weather with some water to cool down!! All the children LOVE water play!!

We hope you all have an amazing weekend!! See you all next week!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥