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Hippity hop happy Fridayy!!! Welcome friends and families to our spectacular day in the Babies room 1! 😊
Today Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcomed in with warm welcoming hugs, Abel, Kezia, Alexia, Edward and Quinn 😊 we had fun filled day today and can’t wait for you all to hear and see about it!
β€’ To start the morning off we did indoor/outdoor play with Miss Jess and Miss Kate. Alexia was having so much fun with the big Lego blocks making awesome castles with the assistance of Miss Jess. Alexia and Miss Jess were having so much fun doing so that our other friends Quinn and Willow were so intrigued and wanted to join in on the fun. Kezia was very interested by the wheelbarrows and the books! Abel enjoyed playing with the cars on the car mat and Edward had fun relaxing in the shade with his friend Abel playing with the cars also 😊
β€’ Miss Jess read lots of books outside to our friends as well as Miss Kate read to our friends inside when we came in! 😊 lots of conversations were had by our teachers and friends.
β€’ We can’t say no to bubble play!!! Alexia was fond of bubble play as she insisted on helping Miss Jess with blowing bubbles to our friends!
β€’ Quinn loves the new ball pit as she throws the balls with glee 😊
β€’ Edward had lots of tummy time practice today 😊
β€’ For the afternoon Miss Kate and Miss Jess got the musical instruments out and let our fellow baby band hit it with their best music making!!! πŸ˜‰
We have all had a fantastic day and we hope you did too,
Thankyou Babies 1 for today and see you all soon.
Have a lovely weekend (see you all Saturday 😊)
Love Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx