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Happy Friday one and all from the bouncing Babies 1 alongside Miss Kate and Miss Steph today in Miss Jess’ absence. 😊
We had another fun filled busy day with a full house again, our friends included – Ruby, Peyton, Miller, Edward, Orion, Jesse, Abel and Isabella. 😊 We aim to begin our days with an acknowledgment to the traditional owners of this with our β€˜Here is the land’ song with actions which all the children respond well too. 😊
We began our day having lovely cuddles and connections with our beautiful babies to settle us in for the day ahead. 😊 Our sensory bottles continue to be so popular with the babies exploring the different colours, sounds and weights which Peyton, Ruby, Bella and Jesse loved. Our new little girlfriends, Peyton and Ruby completed their surprise Christmas craft activities. 😊 Miller, Edward, Orion and Abel responded nicely and happily to our spontaneous music with a focus on the Christmas songs! Santa will be here before we know it! 😊
Conversational Reading is implemented here in the Babies 1 Room on a daily basis as part of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH which is an evidence-based language program and so beneficial for our little treasures for their vocabulary skills and being effective communicators. This ties into learning outcome 5 of the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK, β€˜Children are effective communicators.’ 😊
Many thanks for another great day and week Babies 1 and have a beautiful weekend. 😊
Kind Regards, Miss Kate and Miss Steph. XX