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Welcome and Hello families to our fantastic Friday in the Babies room 1 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Jess said a warm hello to our 5 sunshines today, Abel, Alexia, Jesse, Edward and our gorgeous new little friend Isabella! 😊
What a very fun day we have all had! This is what went happened today down below.
– Jesse and Isabella enjoyed free painting their leaves for the family tree display and the recycled art display on our wall!
– GLITTER BOARD! All our friends just LOVE the glitter board. They all like the different textures of the sequences as you move your fingers/hands back and forth over them.
– Musical instruments fun! Alexia, Abel, Jesse and Edward found the musical instruments very amusing as they went to town on making lots of fun noises.
– Edward responded so well to spontaneous singing throughout the day as well as our other friends 😊
– Isabella had a wonderful first day, she went off exploring throughout the many exciting toys, forming relationships with her friends and teachers, Miss Kate and Miss Jess 😊

We have all had a great day, thankyou Babies 😊
Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week!
Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx