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Happy Friday Babies 1 families and friends alongside Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. 😊 We welcomed 6 friends today including Emmett, Rosie, Edward, Scarlett, Peyton and Alfie. 😊 This morning fun activities included –
• Red playdough to manipulate and practice our fine motor skills was enjoyed by Rosie, Emmett, Peyton and Scarlett.
• We completed our CHINESE NEW YEAR crafts with Alfie and Peyton as they got creative with collage work on fans this morning.
• Edward, Rosie and Emmett were very excited to see Miss Kate bring the BUBBLES out this morning with great big smiles.
• The musical toys were popular this morning with all children self-selecting them and showing lots of enthusiasm exploring them.
You may notice in our room that we have begun a family tree for 2020. Please bring a family photo in so we can add you to this display. Many thanks. 😊
Have a wonderful weekend one and all.
Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. XOXO