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Happy Friday Babies 1 friends and families on this very quiet day! We only had 3 little friends this morning to welcome into our room so Miss Kate was on her own with them! 😊 Edward and Abel explored some Christmas craft activities making sparkly baubles to hang down in our room! The children learn many dispositions including creativity which links to learning outcome 4 of the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK, ‘Children are confident and involved learners.’ 😊
Willow, Abel and Edward all happily explored the home area with dolls, play food and pots and pans this morning which was child-initiated whilst being in a supportive environment. 😊
Willow kept a close eye watching the work in action happening outside this morning…….we can’t wait for it to complete so we can for a play outside again! 😊
Miss Kate did some spontaneous singing throughout the day which all of the children respond really well too and it increases language priority linked to the 3a ABECEDARIAN APPROACH. 😊
We wish you all a wonderful weekend and make sure you stay cool in this super hot weather at the moment!

See you next week everyone – Miss Kate X