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We have had such a beautiful and productive day in our Babies 1 room today. In the morning while our little bubs were sleeping Shayaan and Miss T’arn took this opportunity to go outside together and clean are table and chairs. Shayaan wanted to splash in the soapy water so we filled him up a container or his own to splash and play in whilst Miss T’arn scrubbed the chairs and table. It was such a beautiful day outside and we took the quiet time as a great opportunity be outside! Shayaan loved it! After getting into some dry clothes and before his nap we did a beautiful Yellow collage together. We showed him how to stick the pieces of yellow materials to the paper, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the paper and had more feeling the different textures of the yellow materials.

After Jordan and Bentley woke up and had their morning tea and bottles we went to the mat to enjoy some bubbles, Bentley was so excited about the bubbles and was trying to catch them as they came close to him. When Miss T’arn first blew some bubbles towards him he got a fright but then was so intrigued and excited. Jordan was watching the bubbles so intently as they floated past him, he would look at us and smile when we would say “look, bubbles!” They were both so fascinated with them. We brought out the mirror box for our bubs to look at their reflections while laying on the mat, Bentley was smiling and cooing and touching his reflection in the mirror, where as Jordan noticed that he could see Miss T’arn in the mirror and was giving a very flirty, cheeky smile to her!

Thank you all for such an amazing week! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥