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Welcome back families from the weekend 😊 and say Hello to our wonderful Monday in the Babies room 😊
This morning Quinn, Luca, Bentley, Abel and Alanis responded well to familiar action songs such as “Open shut them “and “Twinkle, little star”. Throughout the day we sang lots of action songs and our friends enjoyed it as well as watching Miss Jess and Miss Kate doing the actions.
Millie and Orion explored the small textured balls alongside Miss Jess. Millie and Orion were showing Miss Kate and Miss Jess how confident they are getting at pulling themselves up! 😊
We ventured over to the book nook area where we all looked at short stories together with Miss Kate, Quinn and Alanis were pointing at the animals as they were very intrigued by the pictures. Luca and Alanis checked out the puzzles, developing fine motor skills and concentration spans.
Abel was having lots of fun exploring the sounds from the musical instruments as well as Bentley.
We have had a fun day exploring our room, forming lovely friendships with our friends and teachers and playing with many great things.
We hope you all had a wonderful day
Thank you Babies 1 for the wonderful day
See you all soon
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xxx