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Today we welcomed our new friend Indiana to our classroom!! She has settled into our class so well and is building relationships with her new teachers and making friends. Indiana enjoyed reading a book in the morning with Miss Otavia. This helped her to feel settled and safe with her. They read “Reach to the moon” together. Indiana liked to touch the glittery moon on the pages.

Oskar was so excited to see our new push toy had been built. Oskar has been practicing pulling himself up on things and standing. He was so happy he could walk around and push the toy. He couldn’t stop smiling and looking at Miss T’arn who was cheering him on. Oskar has shown how confident he has become with his Gross Motor Skills, he loves to climb and try new things. Oskar also loves our new soft babies, he loves to cuddle them and squish his face into them!

Chester had fun watching the horses in the back paddock with Miss Otavia this morning. He watched on as Miss Otavia spoke to him about what sound a horse makes and the colour of the horses they could see. Chester liked to ride the bike and flipped it onto its side so he could play with the wheels.

Thank you all for a beautiful day!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥