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Hello families and friends from the Babies 1 Room with a full house today of 8 cherubs including -Abel, Millie, Rosie, Edward, Orion, Bentley, Oliver and Jesse. It has been a wonderful first day back for Miss Kate alongside Miss Amanda, seeing all our beautiful babies have grown so much in the month I have been away. Miss Kate spent some lovely one-to-one time with all our friends with extra welcome cuddles this throughout the day. Abel and Millie responded especially well to conversational reading with our fruit book practising language development. The children absolutely love the tunnel inside practising our gross motor, physical skills including – Rosie, Edward, Orion, Bentley and Oliver. Abel and Jesse self-selected puzzles from the shelves which is good for their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Throughout the day we sing spontaneous nursery rhymes throughout the day which all of the children really seemed to enjoy with lots of smiles, being very contented. Finally it is great to see our new friend, Rosie that started last week forming relationships with her educators and she also loved having a turn in our baby bouncer today.
Thanks for a wonderful start to the week. I have missed you all.
Love Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. XOXO