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We have had a great day in our babies room today. We enjoyed learning about and playing with farm animals today. The children enjoyed doing some fun artwork. We used sponges shaped as farm animals to create a fun sponge painting. The children enjoyed this activity and were very interested in squeezing the sponge and rubbing their hands in the paint. After having lots of fun painting we sat on the mat with the children with some farm animals and puzzles we borrowed from Babies 3. The children loved looking at the animals and the puzzle pieces. Miss T’arn sang “Old MacDonald” as she held up each animal. Oskar thought this was very funny and Franka was dancing along to Miss T’arn’s singing. Miss Otavia ready “Farm Tails” to the children while Oskar ready “On the Farm” to himself. The children sat with these new resources for a while playing so nicely side by side. We are going to do more activities this week about Farm Animals as we noticed the children’s interests. After we finished playing inside we opened the doors for some much needed outdoor play before lunch. Oskar loves rocking on the seesaw whilst Chester likes to push the mower around the yard. Indiana is getting really confident at pulling herself up on things and practicing her balancing. Franka likes to observe her friends a lot when outside, and really likes to watch the Toddler children in their yard.

We had such a great day!!

Thank you for an amazing day friends!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥