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Good Evening one and all from Miss Kate and Miss Lilly in the Babies 1 Room here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre! 😊 We welcomed our friends into the room today with a big warm cuddle on this chilly morning whereby we build respectful and trusting relationships with all our friends! 😊
This morning we acknowledged our country and traditional owners of this land with our song with actions as the children learn to respect this and be connected to their world in what they live in. 😊
The children were offered free play in a play-based environment which stems off their individual interests as this is how they will learn best. This morning Olive, Parker and Peyton explored the basket of different rattles to learn cause and effect and extend their grasps by being in a supportive environment. Edward, Charlie and Oliver chose to check out the sensory bottles and also the wheeled toys were a hit today! 😊
Miss Lilly took some of friends outside for a play today which we all responded well too including Parker, Payton, Edward, Charlie and Oliver. They chose to play in the bigger area exploring the obstacles and practising their physical gross motor skills. 😊
Our intentional teaching moments included some one-to-one conversational reading opportunities today which Edward, Peyton and Oliver responded happily to Miss Kate looking at some of our favourite books. This is part of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH which is stated in our centre philosophy and is regular focus in our room to extend language development in children aged from birth! Never underestimate the power and benefits of reading to your children even from such a young age! 😊
Miss Lilly provided some of our friends the opportunity to participate in crayon and pencil drawings today! This is great for our creativity skills and to practice our grasps and hand-eye coordination too. 😊
Thanks for a happy Monday Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly.