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Welcome back our amazing families, and babies on this wonderful Monday! We started of our Monday enjoying much needed outdoor time. The babies were instantly drawn to the sandpit, where they rolled around in the sand, having the best time. From building sandcastles with Miss Lilly, to making mermaids tails. 😊

Afterwards, we all ventured to the obstacle course, where they were learning to crawl or even walk along the beam and ladder engaging their gross motor skills, with the help and encouragement from the lovely Miss Jade. 😊

Later we came inside to enjoy some indoor play, where Charlie and Peyton were immediately drawn to the new farm puzzles, and picture books. Whilst on the other hand, we had our little Olive and Parker finding themselves in home corner, using their imaginations to make all kinds of yummy food for themselves and Miss Lilly. Parker’s favourite being the plastic grapes and Olive’s being the plastic chocolate! 😊

Not long later, the afternoon rolls around, and Miss Kate and Miss Lilly incorporated some sensory play into the babies afternoon. Playdough being one of the babies favorite sensory activities, they love making pictures out of it, squishing it and of course taste testing it! 😊

Overall, here in babies one room, our Monday was full of adventure and excitement for everyone! With smiles and laughter everywhere, and definitely more too come! 😊

Love Miss Kate and Miss Lilly xo