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Hello families and welcome back from the weekend! Keep on reading to find out what our little fun munchkins got up to today in the Babies room 1! 😊
Today we have a total of 7 babies! This Morning Miss Jess welcomed in Orion, Abel, Millie, Alanis, Quinn, Alexia and Edward. Miss Kate was away today and stepping in for her was Miss Nikki.
We started the morning off with some BubLlE FuN!!! All our friends love watching the bubbles fly on by before they pop or get popped from our friends. They all find bubbles rather amusing and full of happiness as each friend all had smiles on their diles😊 Soon enough our friends went exploring throughout the room to find what they wanted to play with spontaneously. Quinn and Orion made their way to the café area finding what yummy treats they can make. Millie loved playing with the baby gym today alongside Edward! Alanis found the colorful ring beads to be fascinating and she practiced her problem solving! All our friends had lots of fun reading books with Miss Jess and amongst themselves. Edward is doing so well at sitting up with the assistance of the pillow! 😊 we have all had a wonderful spontaneous day today!
Thank you Babies 1, see you all soon
Miss Jess and Miss Nikki xxx