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Good afternoon, to all our amazing families here in the Babies One room 😊

Today, we began our morning enjoying some lovely group time on the matt. We loved reading books, signing nurse rhymes, playing with the puppets and some dancing to the wiggles. The babies thrive off morning group time as this sets up their day on the best note possible, with lots of smiles and giggles 😊

Later through our morning, we opened the doors and enjoyed some much-needed indoor outdoor play, where the babies had the free choice to do as they please. This is the best nonverbal way too communicate, through their actions they are showing us what really sparks their personal interest, in which we can extend on for them through pre arranged activities, which they love 😊

Once we finished exploring the indoor and outdoor environment, we all came inside and enjoyed a fun Halloween sensory activity. The babies had the opportunity to do free creative painting with paint brushes to help stimulate their fine motor skills, with the use of Halloween inspired colours β€˜red, orange and green’ 😊

The babies have been loving the Halloween themed play-based activities, so we all came together and sat around the table and enjoyed playing with the green monster slime. All the babies at first were very wary of the texture and appearance of the slime, but after warming up to it they loved how squishy and slimy it was, this activity brought about lots of smiles 😊

As the afternoon made its way around, we enjoyed going into both the front and side yard enjoying what both yards have on offer for our babies. Parker, Charlie, Olive, and Luna went straight for the sandpit finding much joy if throwing the sand, playing with the shovels, and a little quick taste test 😊 whilst on the other hand we had Oliver, Peyton, and Oskar having heaps of fun stacking the foam blocks and playing on the see-saw.

Overall, today in the babies one room we have enjoyed a great adventures day immersing ourselves in Halloween activities, but of course smiles and laughter to carry us through.

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Jess XO