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We have had s very fun day full of fun activities celebrating Holi festival and Easter!! This morning we were so excited to see some gifts from Miss Nads for us to use this week. There were spray bottles and pillow cases for us to colour using dye and water. Due to our bubs being a bit to little to use the spray bottles we decided to use the new sponge brushes. Presley had so much fun doing this activity, I don’t know if she had more fun painting the pillow cases or her body! Indiana watched on as Presley did this activity, she wasn’t sure at first bust eventually came over to the activity when she was ready. Miss T’arn handed her a sponge brush with some colour on it. She added a bit of colour to the pillow case before putting the sponge down and left the activity. After this activity we wanted to use the very cute egg shaped chalk. We borrowed the chalk board from our Babies 3 friends. We found they couldn’t use the chalk very well when trying to hold themselves up at the same time so we decided to lay the chalk board flat on the ground to make it easier. Indiana did a great job drawing with the chalk whilst Presley thought they were balls and was throwing them! After drawing we filled a bucket with a little bit of water and gave them some paintbrushes to do some water painting and cleaning of the chalkboard. Franka really liked the egg stacking cups that Miss Nads got for us. She was so intrigued trying to put the pieces back together. Jordan had a very fun morning outside exploring before having a BIG nap! We are so excited to continue with out Easter celebrations this week!! We have lots of fun things planned for tomorrow!!

A big Thank you to Miss Nads for the resources to create such fun activities today!! Our bubs loved it so much!!

We hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥