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Monday 2nd March 2020.

Its already March and how this year is flying, the wonderful babies of Babies 1 are growing up so quickly. Today we welcomed 5 of our friends Ava, Rosie, Edward, Peyton and Oliver.
We started our morning with our acknowledgement of country at morning tea which all our kids are responding well to and beginning to remember as we do this each morning. We then spent some time after lunch outside with the kids loving the sandpit, the tent, the push along carts. 😊
So lovely to see more families added to our family tree its growing along nicely. Please bring us in or email the centre your pictures for us to add to our tree. Miss Kate will be handing out some parent feedback slips for you to contribute two goals you would like to see your child achieve within the next few months. Please ask Miss Kate or Miss Amanda if you have any questions. 😊

NOTES: If any families have any empty 600ml soft drink bottles they wish to donate so we can create more sensory bottles that would be amazing. Thank you

Ava really enjoyed reading some of our books in our book corner this morning and we did some conversational reading with her. Ava has loved playing chasing with her new friend Rosie bringing lots of smiles to both our little blonde beauties. Ava has settled into our room so beautifully making friends very easily and enjoying her food and having sleep time with us is so wonderful to see her progress each day.

Rosie loved playing with our pull along unicorns this morning, pulling them along and smiling and laughing. Rosie and Ava have become good friends today playing together and following each other around. Rosie really seems to enjoy the abacus today spending a lot of time there and showing her friends how it’s done. She has also been more settled at self-settling at sleep times.

Edward is loving pulling all the balls out of the basket and chasing them around the room, practicing lots of hand eye co-ordination. Edward really enjoyed our sensory bottles today with all the different sounds they make, he also is really becoming quite mobile pulling himself to his feet with ease and is very happy with himself.

Peyton really enjoys participating in some conversational reading with Miss Kate. Peyton is beginning to find her feet a lot more pulling herself up to standing to play with certain toys especially the musical table this seems to be a favourite of hers.

Oliver has really been enjoying home corner and the play foods, pots and pans. Oliver participated in our Easter crafts today which he loved and I am sure he cannot wait to show his family what he did. Oliver enjoyed conversational reading with this friends and Miss Kate today as he is learning more words.

Much Love Miss Kate and Miss Amanda 😊 😊