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Hello family and friends and welcome back from the long weekend and to our fabulous Monday 😊
This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess gave our wonderful 6 little munchkins all a very warm welcome, those 6 friends are Abel, Orion, Millie, Alexia, Bentley and Edward!
Today included the following fun things that happened throughout the day 😊
β€’ Millie and Bentley explored the beaded frame cube, practicing their problem solving and investigating.
β€’ Orion, Alexia, Abel and Edward responded well to spontaneous singing throughout the day which increases children to become effective communicators.
β€’ Edward had fun participating in painting for the art display for the use of recycled items
β€’ Orion, Bentley, Abel and Millie had lots of fun in the cafΓ© area with their friends 😊
β€’ Alexia was finding it rather nice chillaxing back on the cushion playing with the baby gym and reading a book.
β€’ Millie and Alexia were pushing around the trolleys today, Millie is becoming more confident with walking as well as Alexia 😊 Bentley showed Miss Kate and Miss Jess with how confident he is with pulling himself up lots to a standing point!! 😊
β€’ Edward practiced his sitting up with the assistance of Miss Jess this morning and it won’t be long before he can do it unassisted.
β€’ Throughout the day our friends explored the different books with Miss Kate and Miss Jess 😊
All friends have had a wonderful day today! Lots of smiles and laughs were had throughout the day 😊
Thank you Babies 1 for today,
See you all soon,
Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx