MONDAY 6th JULY 2020 – BABIES 1.

Good day and welcome everyone to Monday again in the happy Babies 1 Room.  The children began their day in the Babies 3 Room familiarizing themselves with new play spaces and making new friends!  😊  Miss Kate soon arrived to take us into our room for some fun and self-selecting toys of interest!  The children have been responding really well to our new room layout with much more of an open area for us to explore with lots of learning!

This morning Peyton and Charlie checked out the animal coasters on the table practicing some animal sounds to extend our language development.  😊  Edward and Parker gave big smiles and lots of ‘chatter’ whilst in the home corner play space of the room, checking out the play oven, pots, pans and play food.  We are confident and involved learners and extend our imaginations throughout the day spent here with our educators and friends!  😊

Edward was first to make some marks on the chalk boars today as he selected the coloured chalks practicing his fine motor skills, grasps readying for pre-literacy and creativity skills.  😊

Our other friends Olive and Oliver showed an appreciation  for spontaneous singing our favourite action songs throughout the day with big smiles using non-verbal language and we all participate in our morning regular routine and acknowledge the country and traditional owners of this land!  😊

I am looking forward to seeing some families this afternoon for our parent-educator meetings which is a wonderful chance to view your child’s learning portfolio and collaborate with you to set some future goals for your little one!  😊

Thanks for a great start t the week and reading all about it!

Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥