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Babies 1 – Monday 8th June 2020. ♥

Hello everybody from Miss Kate and Miss Lilly in the Babies 1 Room today on this beautiful day! 😊 We had the pleasure of having little Skyla and Tai join us from the Babies 2 Room today and they fitted in perfectly, exploring their surrounding and play spaces with confidence. 😊
Today Miss Kate had planned for us to do some individual free painting with our little friends as we are going to start sending some artwork to local aged care facilities in the area to promote community networks and make someone’s day! 😊 The children demonstrate curiosity and confidence as they practice their creativity by being exposed to the free painting activity which Parker and Charlie thought was pretty fun today!
Edward and Olive explored the picture books which led into some one-to-one conversational reading opportunities and they are never too young for the encouragement of language skills. 😊
Oliver and Peyton self-selected toys of interest from the shelves which included the sensory bottles, basket of rattles and the wheeled toys to demonstrate their love of learning by being in a supportive environment. 😊
Spontaneous singing throughout the day we all respond well too with big smiles and practice our actions to some our favourite songs including –
• Open, shut, them.
• Twinkle little star.
• If you’re happy and you know it.
• Old Mac Donald’s farm.
• Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
Thank you for a wonderful start to the week Babies 1 and our couple of friends from Babies 2. We are glad you have taken the time to read our blog and hear all about the fun learning we are having! 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Lilly. 😊 😊