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Hello and welcome back from the weekend! Hope you all had a safe and lovely one 😊
What a lovely Monday it has been in the Babies room 1!
This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcomed 6 cuddly friends! Orion, Abel, Millie, Alexia, Edward and our new friend Oliver 😊
What we did today included the following 😊
– Enriched caregiving and conversational reading this morning, Alexia, Abel, Orion and Millie, Edward and Oliver all responded well to this 😊
– Spontaneous singing throughout the day, all children love nursery rhymes! Their favorite one now is “Incy Wincy Spider”
– Millie, Abel, Alexia and Millie really enjoy the café area as they love exploring the foods, pots and pans, banging and clanging many things together.
– Oliver had a wonderful day!! Lots of smiles were given. Oliver loved playing with the baby gym and the glitter sequence board.

We have all had a wonderful day! Thankyou Babies 1 😊
See you all soon,
Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx