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Welcome back to all our amazing families and Bubbas, here in the Babies one room 😊

Today we had a great start to our Monday, beginning the morning out in the yard with some fresh air, and sunshine. All our beautiful babies went straight for the sandpit to begin their adventure in the yard. Not too long later, we had Peyton, Oliver, and parker go to the picnic corner, where they read a variety of number, and picture books 😊 Whilst on the other hand we had Olive, and Luna finding interest in the babies, cuddling and playing with them 😊

Later on, we ventured back inside with Miss Lilly and Miss Stacey, to do some sensory play with paint. As Spring is not too far away, we are introducing flowers into our room, so all the babies got to go crazy with the paint, using spring colours to represent the season of spring, and attempting to create a flower on paper, which was heaps of fun 😊

We all then sat down for a delicious lunch made by our chef David, he creates healthy and wholesome meals for our babies to enjoy. On the menu for lunch was chicken, tuna, rice and fresh organic vegetables to fill our babies belly’s 😊

As the afternoon came around, we all had a lovely time inside playing with the home corner, puzzles and blocks in particular, allowing the children to do what makes them happy 😊

Overall, today in babies One room with miss Lilly and miss Stacey the children have had a really great day enjoying what Monday has to offer, from adventure inside and out, and smiles and laughter to carry us through the day! 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Stacey xo