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We have had a beautiful day in our classroom today. This morning after morning after morning tea Presley, Dorijan and Oskar enjoyed some Jelly play. Oskar was so excited when Miss T’arn put the Jelly on the table in front of him as he knew what it was. He started putting the jelly in his mouth so fast and was saying “mmm mmmm”. Dorijan wasn’t sure at first and was touching the jelly softly with his hands. Miss T’arn encouraged him to taste the jelly and he put it in his mouth and then had a big smile on his face. Presley didn’t hesitate to put the jelly in her mouth. She watched Oskar and followed what he did. She was eating the jelly so fast as it was so yummy and sweet. Bentley enjoyed having lots of cuddles after his bottle and looking out the window. He was having a nice little chat with all the things he could see outside.

After the children had their morning naps they enjoyed exploring the room together and quietly by themselves. Presley was so happy looking through the books and playing with the soft baby dolls. Oskar has learnt how to throw and has been throwing the food he doesn’t want/like across the table, we have been trying to redirect his throwing by giving him balls and things that are meant for that. He was so happy and was throwing the balls around the room today. Dorijan was happy looking through books and playing with the musical shakers. He had the biggest smile on his face while he was shaking the egg shakers.

Today Presley and Dorijan did a Valentines Day painting for their Mummy’s and Daddy’s. They loved rubbing their hands and fingers in the paint and also wanted to try and eat it!!

Bentley enjoyed cuddles and kisses from his Big Sister throughout the day. Isabelle loves being able to come and see her baby brother when he isn’t sleeping.

Just a reminder, Tomorrow is our Teddy Bear Picnic, don’t forget to pack your child’s favourite teddy tomorrow for all our fun activities we have planned with our other babies friends. Tomorrow is also “Sweet Heart Day” Please dress your child in Red, Pink or Hearts!!

Thank you all for an amazing day!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Milly ♥