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Good afternoon beautiful family and friends! Welcome to our wonderful day in the Babies Room 1 😊
This morning we welcomed 7 blossoming butterflies
Bentley, Edward, Miller, Isabella, Millie, Willow and Scarlett!

What a lovely day it has been! We have let our Christmas fiesta come out and shine as this afternoon we have SANTAAAA coming to the Babies 1 room from 4:30pm then we are having some fun down the bottom centre and being involved in different activities! Miss Kate and Miss Jess look forward to seeing you all come have fun BUT its okay if you can not make it, do not stress. X

On a little sad note tomorrow is our lovely Miss Kates last day as she is going away on holidays! She will be returning in the New Year and will be seeing you all then if she does not get a chance to see you before she leaves! A little message from Miss Kate……Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR with all your loved ones!
Now getting back into what our friends got up to today 😊
– We had Christmas music playing all day YES that’s right all dayyy and we aren’t not over it ha-ha! Lots of singing throughout the day was had and all friends engage well.

– Miller enjoyed playing with some of the new toys to the room donated from Bentley! Miller also found the musical instruments a lot of fun along with Millie, Edward and Willow.
– Edward had loads of fun exploring the home corner banging and clashing the pots and pans together and letting his friends and teachers know how vocal he is becoming.
– Scarlett loves to explore the room and play with different toys! Scarlett enjoyed playing with the textured small balls 😊
– Millie is becoming a lot more confident in her walking as she is trying to walk around a lot longer throughout the day so wonderful to see such great improvement 😊
– Isabella loves exploring the drums practising her hand-eye coordination whilst making some beautiful music!
– Willow loved helping Miss Kate get our new MERRY CHRISTMAS sign out of the box and we hope you all like it in our room!
– Bentley practiced a couple of solo steps being a clever little boy this morning!
What a fun day had by all! 😊
Thankyou Babies 1 for today,
See you soon,
Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx