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Good Evening to our Babies 1 families and friends. 😊 Today we welcomed just the 6 friends on this sunny Thursday including Bentley, Miller, Scarlett, Edward, Millie and Jesse. It is wonderful to see some of our new friends such as Jesse and Miller settling in nicely and forming trusting bonds with us, which links to learning outcome one – Children have a strong sense of identity. 😊 Scarlett, Jesse, Millie and Bentley all had lots of smiles exploring the pull along toys this morning developing their problem solving and investigating through play. We have been focusing on ‘ENRICHED CAREGIVING’ which is back and forth interactions during routines and transitions throughout the day to increase the children’s language and learning in a positive environment. Spontaneous singing, music and dancing was lots of fun, especially with Edward, Miller and Jesse all bopping and grooving away! 😊
Steiner believed that children need free, creative play to develop their mind, bodies and spirits! Who has noticed our Recycled Craft Display on our wall and admired their child’s work of art!? We really appreciate all the recycled items you are bringing in for us to use on our day to day basis. Keep them coming……..thank you! 😊
Thanks for another great day Babies 1 – see you all soon! Miss Kate and Miss Jess. 😊 😊