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We have had a very busy day in our babies one room today!! Today has been a day of settling and bonding with our bubs. We have Zelia and Grayson for their 2nd day today. They have both settled in so well and are bonding with their teachers and friends so well!! We are so proud of them! Today we had lots of little bubs in our room. We were very focused on routines and ensuring our bubs are happy and all their needs are being met. We enjoyed playing outside in the morning and exploring the sandpit and musical instruments. It was beautiful weather to be outside and settle out there in the morning. After lunch and sleeps the bubs enjoyed exploring the classroom and all the toys. Our children, and our new ones have shown such confidence when playing and exploring. They are so eager to get around and see everything and some of them have started to interact with each other through cues or touches.

Have a great evening!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥