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Hello family and friends and welcome to our Thursday in the Babies room 1 😊
We had a total of 5 little sunshine’s today, Bentley, Millie, Quinn, Alanis and Willow.
To start the morning off our friends had lots of fun free playing and exploring their toys throughout their room as well as building stronger relationships with their friends. Quinn, Alanis and Willow engaged well with one on one reading this morning which is part of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH with Conversational Reading being a language enriched program. 😊
To continue ‘Science Week’ the children had the opportunity to explore messy play at the trough using spaghetti this morning! All of our children participated freely with this which can be linked to a theory from Piaget, ‘Concrete Learning’ whereby he believed children need to see, touch, taste, smell, move and hear! 😊
Miss Jess showed Quinn, Millie, Alanis and Willow the Bead frames to encourage our concentration spans and learning through play. 😊
Bentley is gaining in strength and coordination day by day by pulling himself up to stand lots and lots! Clever boy! 😊 We also have been transitioning some of our older friends to sit on a big chair at mealtimes which has been going well! 😊
Please let us know if there are any goals you would like to see your baby achieve or work towards as we believe consistency is key, and we here to support you all! 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Jess. 😊 😊