Happy Thursday to all our amazing families here in the Babies One room!

Today we welcome our beautiful boy Winston into the room, which we were all so very happy to have a new friend! We started our morning in the yard, as this is where the babies feel most settled to begin their wonderful day 😊 We started our adventure in the sandpit as this is the favourite for all our babies. They love rolling around and throwing sand everywhere, this really sparks their enjoyment and happiness 😊 Shortly after we all found more activities that excited us, from the lawn mower, baby dolls, foam blocks, bikes, see saw, and much more 😊

We then did some really fun sensory activities continuing on our kites, rainbows, and some free drawing which they all love. These sensory activities gives them the opportunity to express themselves in the most creative way, but also incorporating the use of their fine motor skills 😊

Later through the day we enjoyed a delicious lunch, deconstrued hamburgers, banana puree, and a fresh salad which the babies loved so much! They all stuffed their faces full 😊

As the afternoon came around, we enjoyed both indoors and outdoor play, again this allowing the babies their free choice to do what sparks their personal interest, and through this choice they communicate to us what most resonating enjoyment with them, and in which we can further extend on this through creative play and planned activities  😊

Overall, today in the Babies One room, we have enjoyed numerous amounts of creative play which all our babies thoroughly enjoy, and adventures through the yard to discover even more fun. But most importantly smiles and laughter to carry us through 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Stacey xo