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We have had a really beautiful day in our babies room today. Due to the wet weather we spent our morning exploring our classroom. It has been a very quiet day today. We really enjoyed all playing together on the mat and interacting with the bubs. We have noticed Bentley loves the fan at the moment so we added some coloured streamers to the fan for him to watch as they spin around. He absolutely loved them, he was laying on the floor watching them, talking and giggling away. It was so adorable. Oskar and Dorijan loved showing us all their toys on the mat and loved us sitting with them to play. Oskar decided to crawl behind the chair and play “Peek-a-Boo” with us. When we would say “Where’s Oskar” he would poke his head out and say “ah” with a huge smile then hide again. Whilst he was hiding we could hear him giggling away. It didn’t take long for Dorijan to join in the game and hide behind the chair with Oskar and giggle together. It was so fun!!

Miss Otavia and Bentley enjoyed looking at toys together and having a chat. Bentley gets so excited to see us now and is starting to recognize our faces and voices. He loves when we face him towards us and sing or talk to him, he is always full of smiles. Oskar went over to join in the interaction and was watching Bentley closely. The children enjoyed listening to music as they played and were dancing and bopping to the music.

Please remember to bring a family photo for our family tree!!

Thank you for an amazing day!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥