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What a beautiful day we have had today! It was such a beautiful morning, we had a little babies club happening on the mat this morning. It was so nice to get on the floor and have chats and cuddles with our little bubba’s today to create those bonds and to help them to feel safe and happy when with us. We can often get caught up in their routines (especially on those busy days)  and settling them that we need to remind ourselves to slow down, get down and be present. These moments in our babies room are so cherished and so important to us. Every moment like changing a nappy, giving a bottle or putting them down for their naps are the moments that create strong, trusting relationships with our bubs, this enables them to trust that we are meeting and fulfilling all their needs. We have watched over the last few weeks as our new little ones start, how settled and happy they are becoming, how happy and comfortable they are when they see us and just how much their little personalities are starting to show.

Oskar and Dorijan were so happy the weather was nice today and we were able to get outside and explore the yard. Oskar is always so eager to get outside and onto that climbing equipment! Dorijan is happy playing with the balls and saying hello to his big sister Alia at the fence.

Thank you for an amazing day!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥