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Good afternoon everyone! What a beautiful day it has been today, we are so grateful for such wonderful weather and being able to look after your little ones 😊
This morning Miss Jess and Miss Tania welcomed 6 friends they were – Edward, Miller, Willow, Millie, Isabella and Scarlett! What a treat it was today 😊
This morning our friends had a wonderful morning play outside, exploring their outdoor environment, fresh air, toys and forming great bonds with their friends as well as teachers. Edward loved chillaxing in the sandpit while Willow and Millie happily explored the toys throughout the yard. Miller had fun with the musical instruments! Just as we were coming inside into the cool room our friends Scarlett and Isabella arrived to join us for today 😊
All friends enjoyed adventuring around the room after morning tea. Millie, Scarlett and Willow loved playing with each other this morning as they self-selected toys to play with. Isabella self- selected a book that Miss Jess happily helped read to her and to describe each animal. Miller thought the lion’s tail was fun to play with as it tickled her face as she played with it. Big smiles from all friends as they had so much fun this morning 😊
For the afternoon all friends enjoyed a nice play outside in the lovely fresh air along with nice weather.
A little note to parents – there is Christmas art that I have put in your little ones bags so may just need to be a little careful when collecting bags in case they get ruined or crinkled x
Thankyou all for a wonderful day,
See you all soon,
Miss Jess and Miss Tania xxx