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Welcome to happy Thursday’s here in the Babies 1 Room and an extra special warm welcome to our new little smiley friend, Cleo!  😊  Cleo had smiles for everyone today, making new friends and bonding with her educators.  She loved chilling out in our bouncy chair exploring some rattles today!  😊

Parker, Peyton and Olivia all explored the blue water with sea creatures in the trough to continue with NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK being confident and curious learners.  😊

Outside with all of friends and Miss Lilly explored their gross motor physical development whereby Olivia, Parker, Peyton and Daris loved this!  😊

The red treasure basket was so much fun explore with Olive giving us big smiles today!  😊

Spontaneous singing throughout the day is always enjoyed by all as we extend our language and vocabulary by being a fun, supportive environment!  😊

Thanks for a great day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly! XOXO