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Hello from the Babies 1 Room alongside Miss Kate and Miss Tania on this great day! 😊
This morning we welcomed 6 friends including – Miller, Bentley, Edward, Peyton, Scarlett and Isabella. 😊 Miss Kate initiated ‘WORLD LOVE YOUR PET DAY’ with our children today talking about our animals and looking at books trying to copy simple pet sounds. Isabella, Edward, Scarlett and Bentley all participated in craft collage work with some animal pictures practising the children’s creativity and curiosity. 😊 Scarlett and Peyton child initiated the rattles/musical toys which was lots of noisy fun. Miller absolutely shows lots of excitement being in the stand-up bouncy chair as she babbles away happily. She has also been showing off lots of waving skills as a follow up to her individual goals. 😊 The home corner was popular with all our friends this morning exploring the learning environments with so much confidence and contentment. 😊
Our FAMILY TREE is growing day by day!  Please remember your family photo to add to our display!  Thank you for a fun day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Tania XOXO