Good afternoon to our amazing families here in Babies One room.

Today we started our morning in the yard getting some sunlight and fresh air. Peyton, Daris, Olive, and Parker went straight for the sandpit, enjoying the texture of the sand and playing games with their friends which brings out the most joy in them 😊

On the other hand, we had Oskar, Cleo, and Winston playing with the loose toys with Miss Octavia; rattles, and building blocks being the favourite choice for today 😊

We then enjoyed delicious deconstructed hamburgers, made by our amazing chef David, accompanied with a fresh salad and bread to fill our babies tummies, and fuel the rest of their great day 😊

We enjoyed some group time, where we all sat on the mat enjoying and signing many nursery rhymes together, reading books from colours, numbers, shapes, and sounds. The babies love this valuable time together, expanding their knowledge and assisting in their growth and of course happiness 😊

As the afternoon made its way around, we opened the doors and let the babies wonder between indoors and outdoors enjoying what both aspects have to offer. This technique, allowing the babies the free choice to choose where they would like to go for their time. This gives them a sense of independence, and identity through personal choice 😊

Overall, today in the Babies One room we have enjoyed such a beautiful day with all our friends, playing and interacting with everything on offer, we have had an amazing day with smiles and laughter to carry us through 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Octavia xo

(Wednesday 22/9/20 photos underneath)

(Todays photos 24/9/20 underneath)