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We have had such a busy day in our classroom today. Bentley really enjoyed reading books with Miss T’arn this morning when his friends were sleeping. They enjoyed reading “That’s not my Kangaroo” and “Heart full of love”. Bentley was so fascinated looking at the different shapes and shades on the pages. Dorijan and Oskar had so much fun playing outside and practicing their climbing on the boat climbing frame. Oskar also enjoyed crawling through the tunnel and playing Peek-a-boo with Miss Otavia. Presley loves to be outside and really enjoyed playing with the bouncy ball and the musical shakers today. She had the biggest smile on her face while shaking them. The children really enjoyed when the Babies 2 children came in to play with them and were intrigued watching them explore the classroom. Presley became more confident in our classroom and exploring the toys when she seen the babies 2 children finding the activities they were interested in. Miss T’arn sat with the children and sang some songs “if you’re happy and you know it” “open shut them” and “row row your boat.” Presley was clapping her hands along to “if you’re happy and you know it.”

As we are beginning to create our family tree in the coming weeks, It would be amazing if you could all bring in a Family Photo. This helps the children have a sense of belonging in our classroom.

Thank you all for an amazing day!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥