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Thursday 7th May 2020 – Babies 1. ♥

Hello one and all from Miss Kate and Miss Gabi in the Babies 1 Room on this fine day! The children love starting their days outside in the beautiful fresh air with the other babies from our other rooms getting to know everyone really well. Edward and Miller particularly enjoyed exploring the tunnel this morning today being curious learners as they crawled through it with big smiles on their faces! We also checked out the tent, sandpit and in the Babies 2 yard we practised our physical strength and coordination skills using the ride on and push along toys. We the headed inside for morning tea, bottles if needed and all of us had a nice snooze too. Familiar regular routines are important factor for children’s learning and development so they get to know what is happening next. We display a guided routine in our room so everyone knows what is happening for consistency of care and so our children feel safe and secure. Parker happily self-selected the picture books from our shelves so Miss Kate took this opportunity for some one-to-one learning with the conversational reading approach which is wonderful for language development. Our chalk board has been super popular using the chunky chalks to enhance our creativity skills by being confident and involved learners. We really hope you enjoy your MOTHERS DAY gifts that your little cherub has created for you and you all enjoy your day on Sunday. We did a couple of follow ups to some recent observations which are displayed on our weekly whiteboard in the room so all educators are aware of what goals we are working on – Scarlett is practising self-settling for her sleeps and one of Parker’s parent feedback gaols was for her to feed herself her own bottle which she accomplished today. Please talk to Miss Kate anytime if you would like to view your child’s learning portfolio which is documented observations on your little ones progress as we would like to share these with you and really value your feedback and input.

Many thanks for a wonderful day Babies 1 friends – Miss Kate and Miss Gabi. ♥