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Good afternoon to all our amazing Babies One families, here on this lovely Thursday.

Today we started our Thursday morning off, with group time on the matt again, seeing the babies have really loved having this valuable time together to set their morning up right. We begun with a few favourite nursery rhymes, that the babies can join in on such as, ‘Row your boat’, this one being Parker, Olive and Daris favourite one 😊 And ‘If your happy and you know it’ being Peyton, Winston, Oskar and Olivia’s favourite pick for this morning. We then continued onto some group reading, learning our sounds, numbers, and colours, in which this activity helps to assist with their knowledge, and further their understanding, through fun group time activities 😊

We later ventured outside, for someone needed fresh air and sunlight. We all enjoyed the obstacle course, which involved lots of balancing, jumping, and climbing which is a great stimulating activity for their gross motor skills and development 😊

Then we made a move to the sandpit, where we made imaginary foods, sand castles, and learned to dig; which the babies love their time in the sandpit, getting to explore, and  grow their interest and fascination for the sandpit but also the texture of the sand 😊

We came together and sat at the table to eat our delicious lunch, made but our amazing chef David, who made us friend rice, salad and salmon to fill our babies tummies. With only pure goodness and wholesome food to help fuel the rest of their adventures day 😊

As the afternoon made its way around, we enjoyed some afternoon sensory, where the babies engaged in foam play, feeling the texture, and rolling around in it, gave them much excitement. It did take them all a minute to warm up to the idea of it, due to the texture they were unsure to begin with but soon they touched it and they all very much enjoyed it.

Overall, today we have filled our babies day with much loved learning, games, and stimulating play based activities to help nurture and grow their knowledge and fill their hearts 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Hansani xo