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Thursday 9th January 2020.


Happy Thursday to our babies families and carers.

We have had such a wonderful week with all our beautiful babies creating lovely bonds and making wonderful memories and today was no different as we welcomed our beautiful friends Edward, Emmett, Miller, Jesse, Abel, Scarlett and Bentley.

We enjoyed some lovely time in our little home corner this morning with our new soft play fruits and vegetables popping them in and out of the basket.

We currently have a long green tunnel in the room which all the children are loving to go through especially my friends Abel, Bentley, Jesse and Scarlett who enjoyed going through the tunnel or popping their head in either end and laughing and giggling at each other.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our food today with the beautiful variety of fruits and vegetables in our meals. We all laughed as Miss Tania sang her way through lunch time. Jesse really enjoyed trying to feed himself today which our lovely friend Abel found hilarious.

We love seeing all our beautiful friends feel content and safe in our space enough to eat, sleep, laugh and play with us.

We hope you have a wonderful Thursday.

Lots of love Miss Amanda & Miss Tania.