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Happy Thursday!


Today we welcomed our friends Peyton, Olive, Parker, Oskar, Cleo, Winston, Olivia, Daris..

We started the day off b playing with all our friends next door Babies 2 & 3.. We love the interaction with all our friends and get to participate in some fun activities – the slide was a favourite with Peyton and Parker taking turns..

Olive was loving climbing up and down on the jungle gym..

Olivia, Cleo, Winston, Oskar enjoyed singing songs with Miss Tania and Miss Hannah..

We all came inside to a beautiful morning tea and all agreed it was delicious!!

We had some cute outfits with celebration of Book Week! Miss Octavia – Miss Thing and Darus was a Lion…

Peyton and Winston played in home corner, our other friends were exhausted from the morning and had a beautiful nap..

We had fun with the puzzles in the room trying to put the pieces in the right spot! Such inquisitive healthy little bubs!

We had fun with balls trying to roll them to each other..

When we were all awake we decided to pop some Kidz Bop and have a mini dance party – we all had a blast!! Miss Tania and Miss Octavia had fun – we also blew some bubbles while the bubs were fascinated by the size of them and loved trying to pop them!! Bubbles are always fun!!

We had worked up an appetite and we are ready to have food again!! Lunch was again delicious and we all had lots of conversation and social interaction whilst eating.. Very good to see all the bubs so settled and happy in their environment..


In the afternoon we decided a little water play and sandpit time was in order – which im sure they will all love it!!


Thank you for such an amazing day!


Love Miss Tania & Miss Octavia