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Welcome to our fun Tuesday! 😊
This morning we had YOGAAAA with Miss Gabie our yoga teacher. Miss Gabie started the session with some big bubble fun. Soon after we went into our hello and welcome song before getting into our fun dog poses 😊 Quinn, Alanis and Luca demonstrated the dog pose to all their friends and teachers! Before ending the yoga session all our friends got feather tickles and a cuddle from the koala and big monkey friend. Orion and Bentley enjoyed the soft little hugs.
During the mid-morning our friends went and explored the room 😊 Quinn went straight to the book nook and was very interested in the shapes book and feeling rather relaxed in the green cushion. Luca was having a ball with the light up balls as he was throwing them up and down so they would light up. Bentley and Orion explored the small textured balls with Miss Gabie, Orion was intrigued by the orange ball as we have now found out its his new fav colour! While Bentley was loving the bright yellow ball! 😊 Our friends had a great morning exploring the room and playing with their friends as well as teachers.
This afternoon we had an afternoon play outside and enjoyed the warm sunrays as well as exploring the yard with our friends.
We have had a great day and we hope you all did too
Thank you Babies 1
See you all soon
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xx