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We have had a great day in our classroom today. We welcomed our new friend Dorijan to our classroom. He has settled in so well and enjoyed playing alongside Oskar. They enjoyed pulling different toys from the shelf and exploring them. Stacking cups, Stacking rings, soft blocks, Xylophone, cars and stacking rainbow were some of the things they were excited to look at. Oskar also enjoyed showing his new friend his couch. Chester enjoyed reading books with Miss T’arn in the morning while his friends were napping. We read “That’s not my Kangaroo” “That’s not my wombat” and “That’s not my Unicorn” these books are sensory touch books and Chester liked touching the different textures as we read through the stories. Chester enjoyed doing a painting before sleep today using “Green and Yellow” these are our paintings for Australia Day that is quickly approaching. He had so much fun exploring the paint with the paintbrush and his hands. Oskar and Dorijan did their paintings when they woke up, they too enjoyed exploring the paint and the texture with the paintbrush and their hands. Oskar and Chester were so happy playing together when Chester woke up, they were laughing and smiling at each other while sharing toys. It has been so nice watching the children build relationships, not only with their teachers but with each other. We are so proud of the children and how well they are settling into our classroom. We look forward to having a play outside for the afternoon! Well Done friends!!

Thank you for a great day!

Much Love, Miss T’arn ♥