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We have had a beautiful day in our babies 1 room today. Today we set up the sandpit with some buckets, spades, and animals for the children to explore and also some blue water. The children really enjoy being outside exploring and love the activities we set up for them today. They were all smiling and having fun splashing in the water and digging and playing in the sand. They also enjoyed sitting on the mat with the cushions and looking at the books. Our bubs have shown a huge interest in water and sandpit play. After we enjoyed playing outside and getting all wet in the water, we all came inside to put on some dry clothes, explore inside the classroom before having lunch, bottles and naps. Inside the children enjoyed going around the classroom and pulling all the toys off the shelves and crawling through them. We have had such a fun day today and look forward to more outdoor play through the week for Nature’s week!

Please don’t forget to bring in a Family Photo for our Tree!! The children really enjoy being able to see themselves and their families on the tree. Chester has been going to the tree and pointing to his family and puppy dogs when he remembers they are there.

Have a wonderful evening!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥