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Good evening, welcome to our fun filled Tuesday!!
What a wonderful day we have today, we started our morning off with kids yoga with Miss Gabie. Our friends Luca, Orion, Bentley, Quinn and Alanis were all interested and very intrigued. Luca loved the colourful monkey and Miss Gabies feathers, he even striked a downward dog pose!!
Miss Nadine bought us different types of textured balls that our friends could explore today! Orion loved the gold one with the little spikes on it, Quinn thought the green monster one was cool! Luca picked out the star ball, while Bentley and Alanis had a joy with them all.
Orion, Bentley and Alanis did their collages today and explored the feel different textures of materials.
We also did a spontaneous lunch outside today and enjoyed the wonderful weather, we all did so well with our food today! For the rest of the afternoon we enjoyed the sunshine and the beautiful breeze before we need to come inside due to colder weather.
Bentleys first day went really well today and he is settling in nicely, lots of gorgeous and big smiles from him today.
We had a wonderful day and we hope you all did too.
Thank you Babies 1 for the day x
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xx