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Good afternoon to our lovely families here in Babies one room!

This morning we started off exploring our room and all our lovely toys on display. Puzzles, reading, and home corners being the favourite for our day 😊

We did some more sensory activities today, extending on our babies interest of the outdoors, we dyed shaving foam blue like the sky, and got the babies to dip cotton balls into the blue foam to give the illusion of clouds. This play based activity not only stimulates their imagination, but also enhances their fine motors skills 😊

We then enjoyed some indoor-outdoor time, once again allowing the children their choice as to where and what they would like to do and what spark personal joy for them. Allowing the babies, the freedom of choice gives them the opportunity to communicate to us what sparks their interest which we can extend on through group activities 😊

Later through the day, the babies enjoyed a delicious lunch cooked by our chef David. We enjoyed wholesome crumbed fish, cooked vegetable, and fresh salad. 😊

As the afternoon rolled around, we enjoyed some much-needed group time on the mat, signing nursey rhymes and reading stories. The babies favourite story for our afternoon was β€œwere going on bear hunt” 😊

Today in the babies one room, we have enjoyed such a lovely day! with learning, growing and smiles to carry us through 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Stacey xo

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